Case Studies

Our close cooperation with customers enables us to constantly improve and enhance our service offer. See some examples below of how these learnings, and the subsequent use of the m88官方下载 solution, have benefited some of our customers.


How Orthocell Ltd Adopted the CryoSure® Solution for Shipping Advanced Cell Therapies

Shipping temperature sensitive pharmaceutical products and biologic medical devices globally presents a unique set of challenges, driven by the necessity for maintaining product integrity, compliance with regulatory requirements, and ensuring patient safety. Finding the right packaging solution for your shipment can overcome these challenges - without compromising on your environmental impact.

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Making -70°C shipping predictable and accessible

Vaccines, cell and gene therapies, clinical trial materials, and other non-finished products often require strict end-to-end temperature control at -70 degrees Celsius to retain product integrity and quality. Patricia Cole, Global Head DHL Same Day & DHL Global Forwarding Temperature Management Solutions discusses how CryoSure® meets that need.

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Going the extra mile to deliver life-saving medicines

In the wake of the effects of COVID-19 nothing is as it used to be. Stock markets around the world are taking a hit, airlines and hotels across the world see cancellations as people reduce traveling and the oil price is falling as production in the world is slowing down. At the same time, there are patients across the world that need their life-saving medicines.

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Ministry of Defense

m88官方下载 secures delivery of life-saving healthcare medication for distribution by the UK military in South Sudan.

Providing protection and humanitarian support to the people in a conflict area such as South Sudan, puts high demands on the United Nations and the supporting British military. By enabling a robust and reliable cold chain supply, the delivery of life-saving healthcare medication and medical equipment is secured, and thereby empowering the UK taskforce to support the United Nations in the protracted crisis in South Sudan.

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Cathay Pacific

Storm proof

Despite the presence of Typhoon Vincente, good teamwork and communication made a valuable pharmaceuticals shipment from Toronto to Sydney possible.

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